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Our Mission

Founded in 2011, GeneFirst was born out of a passion for scientific discoveries and recognition for the importance of providing accurate diagnosis to improve patient care. Our core values - innovation, passion and empowerment - are not only reflected in our culture, but also in the way we approach those that we work and collaborate with.  

Our mission is to provide simple, reliable and effective molecular solutions to aid the accurate diagnosis of diseases and improvement of patient management.

We understand that we are all unique, with inherited genetic differences combined with lifestyles and other external factors.  This is why we focus on personalised medicine to better stratify risks and empower clinicians to make more informed decisions about patient treatments.  For researchers, our solutions provide the perfect platform to explore more and open up the possibilities to further developments and discoveries.  For healthcare providers, it means providing accurate diagnosis to patients at an affordable cost to deliver efficiency across the value chain without compromises on quality.  
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