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Discover the latest news, blogs, articles and interviews from GeneFirst.

GeneFirst announces the publication of new health economic evidence...

Unleashing the Power of Genome Sequencing in Drug Discovery: Innovative Approaches to 'Drug the Undruggable'

GeneFirst is attending the Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2023

FFPE: The Foundation of Clinical Genomics Research

Thought piece: Cancer in the UK: Overview 2023

World Cancer Day: The Importance of Raising Awareness about Blood Cancer

Get Acquainted with Liquid Biopsies

Eurogin 2023 - That's a wrap!

GeneFirst is attending Eurogin 2023

Medica 2022, Dusseldorf

Papilloplex HR-HPV test has non-inferior clinical performance for detection of human papillomavirus infection

GeneFirst will be attending Medica 2021 in Düsseldorf

NEW publication on the utility of GeneFirst’s ATOM-Seq™ NGS library preparation technology for use with cfDNA and cfRNA

GeneFirst develops Real-Time PCR tests for detection of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV

GeneFirst wins €2.9m Horizon 2020 grant to deliver predictive diagnostic panel for HPV infections evolving into cervical cancer

GeneFirst wins Innovate UK’s Shanghai-UK competition for the development of non-invasive test for cancer

Harnessing the Potential of Genomics: Empowering Cancer Care through Inherited Mutations and Equitable Access to Genomic Testing

Advancing Cervical Cancer Prevention: Genefirst's Breakthrough in Cervical Screening

Screening innovations strengthen fight against cervical cancer

Reflecting on National Women's History Month

Reflecting on Myeloma Awareness Month

Revolutionising Cancer Diagnostics: The Many Applications of Liquid Biopsies

Four ways to spread awareness during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

We're in Bilbao, Spain for Eurogin 2023

The story of HPV

GeneFirst at NextGen Omics 2022

GeneFirst COVID-19 kits and new Variant of Concern, Omicron

Innovative UK SME GeneFirst and University of Leeds win £1.4M NIHR grant to clinically validate the use of a novel NGS based technology in bowel cancer screening

GeneFirst launches CE-IVD COVID-19 test kit.

NEW publication on the analytical performance of Papilloplex HR-HPV

GeneFirst wins second major Innovate UK competitive grant to improve cancer treatment using its ATOM-seq™ NGS technology

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