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The Team

Dr. Guoliang Fu

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Guoliang has a track record of developing commercially valuable, patentable technologies in the biotechnology and diagnostic sectors. Guoliang worked at Oxitec Ltd, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College. Prior to founding GeneFirst, Guoliang was a co-founder of 360 Genomics, a molecular diagnostics company. He is an inventor of 20+ patents, and has publications in in Nature Biotechnology and PNAS. 

Winnie Wu

Chief Operations Officer

As the COO, Winnie is responsible for overseeing ongoing business operations within the company. Her expertise lies in relationship management and communication.  Prior to joining GeneFirst, Winnie worked for STARLAB and Roche Diagnostics and has a successful track record in sales. With a background in molecular biology, Winnie obtained her PhD in Biology from the University of Bath.  

Andrew Wood

Chief Financial Officer
Andrew is a senior executive with extensive finance and commercial experience in start up, early stage and established, listed businesses in sectors including biotech, telecoms and retail.  He has hands-on experience, as part of core, top management teams, in determining strategic business direction, raising capital and managing major corporate transactions. 

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