XCeloSeq® Targeted RNA Enrichment Kits 

NGS Library Preparation kits for cancer detection from FFPE RNA samples

The XCeloSeq Targeted RNA Enrichment Kits generate high quality sequencing libraries for detection of cancer-related gene fusion events from FFPE-preserved material.



All XCeloSeq products use the ATOM-Seq® capture chemistry which is built to be uniquely suited for use with FFPE material and liquid biopsy, delivering unrivaled library complexity


 XCeloSeq target enrichment uses a single target-specific primer in the conserved exon of fusion events, allowing for detection of both known and unknown fusion partners



XCeloSeq protocols have been designed to be completed within 1 day with the fewest bead purifications and shortest hands-on times

Both known and

unknown gene fusions


Protocol Time:

Total: 7h 20m

Hands-on: 1h 55m

Input Amount*:

Recommended: 5-200ng

Minimum: 1ng

The XCeloSeq Targeted RNA Workflow

Using the ATOM-Seq DNA Capture Method, Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMIs) and universal adapter sequences are incorporated directly into available 3' ends of sample cDNA . Then, two rounds of target-specific PCR generate sequencing-ready libraries.

Double Strand cDNA Synthesis

Hands-on Time: 35 minutes

 Incubation Time: 1 hour

Sample RNA is copied to produce double stranded RNA, allowing interrogation of gene fusions in either orientation.

ATOM-Seq DNA Capture

Hands-on Time: 10 minutes

 Incubation Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes

cDNA is combined with the Adapter Template Oligo (ATO).

Incorporation of universal priming site and Unique Molecular Indicator directly onto the sample cDNA molecule.

Two rounds of Nested,

Target-Specific PCR

Hands-on Time: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Incubation Time: 2 hour and 35 minutes

Multiplexed target-specific primers are paired against a universal primer for target enrichment PCR. Using only a single target-specific primer means that both known and novel fusion partners can be enriched for in this way.

A second round of target-specific PCR using a nested primer maximises on-target rate of sequencing, and incorporates dual-index sample barcodes (i5 and i7).

Sequencing-ready library in 7 hours, 20 minutes.

The XCeloSeq Targeted RNA Enrichment Product Range:

All Targeted RNA Enrichment Kits use a common Instructions For Use document, available here.

Please also see the relevant product insert(s) for kit-specific information and protocol steps, given below.

XCeloSeq Fusion Research Kit

A comprehensive panel for detection of known and unknown gene fusion partners for a variety of cancer types, from FFPE-preserved samples.

Product code: SEQ007

Gene Targets: 74

Reactions per kit: 8

View Product Insert

Targeting Primers: 444

View target genes

XCeloSeq Lung Cancer Fusion Kit

A panel for detection of known and unknown gene fusion partners in lung cancer, from FFPE-preserved samples.

Product code: SEQ008

Gene Targets: 15

View Product Insert

Reactions per kit: 8

Targeting Primers: 158

View target genes

XCeloSeq Solid Cancer Fusion Kit

A panel for detection of known and unknown gene fusion partners in solid cancers, from FFPE-preserved samples.

Product code: SEQ012

Gene Targets: 53

Reactions per kit: 8

View Product Insert

Targeting Primers: 350

View target genes

XCeloSeq Indexing Kits (SEQ005)

Dual indexing primers to enable sample multiplexing. Each kit contains either eight i5 or eight i7 sample index primers.

Kits can be purchased separately to suit your multiplexing requirements. 

These primers can be used as substitutes for the default pair of sample indexing primers included in any XCeloSeq Library preparation kit, including XCeloSeq Targeted RNA kits.

*Higher quantities within this range will improve maximum sensitivity, recommended maximum is 200 ng total FFPE RNA or 100 ng high quality RNA. The product supports capture with down to 1.0 ng of RNA, however this is not recommended as it will lead to reduced sensitivity. Cell-free total nucleic acids and cell-free RNA are also supported as alternative starting materials, when using these materials maximising starting material within the above range will help ensure high quality results.

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