A Revolutionary DNA-Capture Method for Next Generation Sequencing

Our novel method for incorporating unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) maximises sample capture, avoiding typical limitations of conventional ligation or PCR-based approaches. This makes our approach uniquely suited to processing challenging medical samples, such as:

  • Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) for liquid biopsy.

  • Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded tissue samples.

Key Advantages
  • Compatible with single or double stranded fragmented gDNA, FFPE, cfDNA or cDNA.

  • Unique technology breakthrough that generates ultra sensitive results for use with liquid biopsy.

  • Streamlined protocols that takes less than 6 hours.

  • High sample retention, requiring few purification steps.

  • High capture efficiency leading to 0.1% AF detection with 20-50ng DNA.

  • Enhanced error correction capability.

  • Ultimate flexibility.

  • Cost effective.

ATOM-seq is now available in our XCeloSeq Pan-Cancer Panel Kit, which targets 4000 mutations across 100 genes for cancer detection.
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Example workflow:
The ATOM-seq Approach
The strength of ATOM-seq is its unique process of capturing the 3’ ends of starting material. During this process both a Unique Molecular Identifier (UMI) and universal priming site are added directly to the 3’ ends of the original DNA molecules.
Why Choose ATOM-seq?


ATOM-seq avoids inefficiencies associated with, as well as having advantages over, ligation-capture based methods and ligation-amplicon based methods.

Detection of novel sequences:

As opposed to traditional amplicon-based approaches, where nucleic acid fragments must contain binding sites for two opposing primers for successful PCR amplification, ATOM-seq uses a single target specific primer in combination with a universal primer allowing for amplification of known and unknown sequences downstream of the target primer.

This unique method allows for independent targeting of Sense and Antisense strands of starting material for independent dual-direction target coverage. ATOM-seq can also be leveraged for the detection of unknown DNA combinations resulting from genomic rearrangement events, including novel fusions, insertions, and deletions.
Enhanced Error Correction

ATOM-seq overcomes the bias and errors introduced by DNA polymerases into NGS libraries:

  1. UMIs are added onto the original starting material, which allows for correction of polymerase-introduced errors,

  2. Independently targeting sense and antisense strands of DNA further enhances confidence of identified variants.

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