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Paving the way forward in cancer diagnostics

GeneFirst's next generation sequencing kits are based on our proprietary ATOM-Seq technology.

ATOM-Seq (Adaptor Template Oligonucleotide Mediated-sequencing) overcomes limitations associated with inefficiencies, complexities and low sensitivities of next generation sequencing. It offers advantage of a unique, efficient, and robust way of adding molecular barcodes directly onto target samples, avoiding pitfalls of current PCR- and ligation- based methods. It is capable of using minimal input material (DNA, RNA, or a combination of DNA+RNA). Our proprietary approach allows for identification of combinations of mutations including SNPs, indels, insertions, and fusions simultaneously, as well as being perfectly suited for detecting mutations in DNA isolated from liquid biopsies such as those found in circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA).

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