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Eurogin 2023 - That's a wrap!

Eurogin 2023 took place last week, and what a great event to be part of. It was fantastic working with my GeneFirst colleagues alongside our partner PrimaDiag. Just like every year Eurogin 2023 was an incredibly informative event, with attendees coming from all over the world to discuss the latest topics on HPV and cervical cancer.

Here are my two key take aways from the event:

1. There was a lot of discussion on the different triage strategies being employed and the trend for self-sampling as a way to encourage more women to be tested.

2. The huge variation in strategies in different countries further underlined the need for greater standardisation, but the trend towards greater levels of vaccination provides much hope for the overall aim of eliminating HPV and cervical cancer being achieved.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to speak to me and the team in Bilbao and look forward to seeing you all at Eurogin 2024 in Sweden.

For more information on the kits and services from GeneFirst, please get in touch.

Rick Bhatt, Head of Business Development, GeneFirst

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