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GeneFirst at NextGen Omics 2022

Earlier in November, GeneFirst’s Rick Bhatt and Dara McCreary attended the NextGen Omics event in London and are eager to share their highlights. The event brought together leaders, experts, and researchers in London to discuss a wide range of subject areas, including Next Generation Sequencing, Clinical Diagnostics, Single Cell & Spatial Analysis, Genome Editing and Digital PCR for use as research technologies and therapeutics.

Our Head of Business Development, Rick, gives you some insight into the event.

“The quality of the talks and seminars was phenomenal. We also found that because of its reputation as a scientifically engaging event, the conference attracted a large crowd. It was incredible to witness such a high volume of attendees, as they were keen to interact with companies in-between talks that had come from far and wide to attend.

GeneFirst attended the event to discuss molecular diagnostics solutions, including the ATOM-seq method for next-generation sequencing, and we were delighted with the audience response. Everyone engaged with our material, and the conversations were insightful, with people asking various questions highlighting molecular diagnostics complexity and importance.

We also had the pleasure of meeting several attendees keen to hear about the QPCR Papilloplex HPV assay. We were particularly excited to discuss this new and innovative method of diagnosing cervical cancer, which is fast becoming one of the most accurate methods for early detection.

The event was particularly unique as they allowed you to prearrange a meeting with KOL and experts to discuss our products and learn valuable feedback from them. It also allowed us to discuss the market's future direction so that GeneFirst can continue with its work at the forefront of molecular diagnostics.

We look forward to attending more events like NextGen Omics and have a renewed passion for our work. We hope these events will continue to bring together professionals from the genetics and genomics industries, and we look forward to further conversation and collaboration amongst other industry leaders. Together, we can make a real difference in helping people lead healthier lives.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event and made it a success! We look forward to seeing more of you soon.”

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